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Nuraini Juliastuti: Researcher, writer, art facilitator


2019 Principal investigator at The Force of Art: Research from a Global Perspective grant, “Studying Turn: Tiny Toones (Cambodia) and Arte Moris (Timor Leste)”, funded by Prince Claus Fund, HIVOS, European Cultural Fund, The Netherlands. 

2019 Principal investigator at Inter-Malay Popular Music Archiving Project, “Imperfect authenticity: Indonesian popular music discourse and sound, 1960s-1990s”, funded by Asia Culture Center.

2009 – 2011 Principal investigator at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center for the project “Media and Technology Convergence in Indonesia : A Cultural Perspective — Case studies on Handphone Culture, Creative Knowledge Production and Sharing in Digital Worlds” funded by Ford Foundation. 

2009  Principal investigator with Ferdiansyah Thajib, Andrew Lowenthal, and Alexandra Crosby, “Videochronic: Video Activism and Online Video Distribution in Indonesia”, commissioned by EngageMedia, Australia


19th – 20th March 2020 Talk “Collective Kolektif”, Liquid Architecture, Melbourne

16th December 2019 Presentation “State of Sound, Reissue, and the Making of Commons in the Digital Era”, in Suppressed Songs, Suspicious Sound: Popular Music, Archiving, and Cultural Amnesia in Southeast Asia, KITLV, Leiden, the Netherlands

27th November 2019 Lecture “The Studying Turn: Artists Collectives, Free School, and Long-Term Cultural Strategy”, Centre of Visual Art Graduate Academy, University of Melbourne, Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne

14th November 2019 Presentation “Commons People: Making Music and Engaging in Cultural Activism in Yogyakarta”, in Making Sound as Movements and Practices in Asia, Asia Culture Centre Symposium, Gwangju, South Korea

29th April – 7th May 2019 Researcher in residence, “Methods for Inter-Asia Art and Cultural Practices”, No Man’s Land Residency and Nusantara Archive, Taipei

6th February 2019 Invited talk, Speaker, “Unlearning practices and alternative education in Indonesia”, in Art Organizations as Sites for Unlearning, M Pavillion, Melbourne

28th November 2018 Invited talk, Keynote Speaker, “Of support group, maintenance works, and care”, in Gender and Contemporary Art in Indonesia panel, Victorian College of the Arts, Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne

22nd – 24th November 2018 Selected presentation, Presenter (with Andy Fuller), “Revising Cultural Policy through Publishing”, in Small Press Network Conference, The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne

19th October 2018 Invited talk, Presenter, “Afterwork Readings: Writing as a safe space and Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong”, Parse Dialogue: Art and Migration, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

4th September 2018 Invited talk, Keynote speaker, “Studying-turn as a method for working with and about community”, in Social Practice: Art at the Community Interface, public lecture and the launch of Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Social Practice and Community Engagement, Victorian College of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne

16th – 19th November 2017 Invited talk, Speaker, “Writing and migrant workers’ literature”, in Asia Assemble: Transforming Asian City, Khoj International Artists’ Association, New Delhi

December 2005 Invited workshop, Speaker and participant, “Community history project in post-1998 Indonesia”, in Asian Youth Artsmall exchange, Five Arts Centre, Kuala Lumpur

30th September 2005 Invited talk, Speaker, “Media and youth in Indonesia before and after 1998”, in Politics of Fun, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin 

October 2004 Invited workshop, Speaker and participant, “Family history project, New Order, and Alternative space movement”, in Revolutionare Zellen workshop and exhibition, organised by finger e.v. (Frankfurt), at Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin

February 2003 Invited workshop, speaker and participant, “Family history project and alternative space movement”, in Fixing the Bridge: An International Workshop on Artists Initiatives, Cemeti Art Foundation, Yogyakarta


2018 – present Reading Sideways Press, a trans-local based independent publisher on art, translation, literature, and sport studies (

2017 Project lead, main researcher, Resound, Revision, Recollection: Sensing through Colonial Archives (, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2016 – 2019 Initiator, School of Improper Education (

2015 Initiator and radio host, Numpang as Politics of Sharing Space (, IFA, Berlin

2015 Initiator and researcher, A Room of Their Own ( and Afterwork Readings, Para Site, Hong Kong

2013 – 2015 Initiator, artist, researcher, Made in Commons (, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Amsterdam, and Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta.

2014 – 2015 Initiator and researcher, Retas Sejarah (Hack Histories): Youth in the Practice of Reconstructing Memory and History ( 

2010 – 2012 Project lead, Convergence and Media Technology in Indonesia: A Cultural Perspective Project.

2009 Project lead, Space/Scape Project (


Decolonizing museum

2017 “Inside Outside Colonial Theatre: An Audio Guide”, an audio guide written collectively with Brigitta Isabella as part of a research residency Resound, Revision, Recollection: Sensing through Colonial Archives in Tropenmuseum

Independent art organisation, Indonesian art history

2020 This Country is Burning, Let’s Dream about a School of Improper Education. (forthcoming with Ugly Duckling Presse, New York).

2020 “The studying-turn: Free schools as tools for inclusion”, The Force of Art, edited by Nora Khan, Carin Kuoni, Gabi Ngcobo, Jordi Barta Portoles. (forthcoming with Valiz, Amsterdam).

2020 “Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Writings as a Performance of Self Care and Embodied Archives,” PARSE Journal, Issue 10, Migration, June 2020.

2020 “Care, Practice, Art Communities in Indonesia,” Un Magazine 14.1

2013 “Sanggar as a Model for Practicing Art in Communal Life” in Made in Commons Monograph. Amsterdam and Yogyakarta: Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and KUNCI Cultural Studies Center.

2012 “Ruang Rupa: A Conversation on Horizontal Organization” in Afterall: A Journal of Art, Context, and Enquiry, Issue 30 (Summer 2012), pp. 118-125.

2011 “After the house has gone: The Future for Mes 56” in Art Monthly Australia Issue 244: 12-14

2007  Ruang alternatif [Alternative spaces]. In: Nuraini Juliastuti and Yuli Andari Merdikaningtyas (eds), Folders: 10 tahun dokumentasi Yayasan Seni Cemeti [10 years of documentation work by Cemeti Art Foundation], pp. 106–118. Yogyakarta: Indonesian Visual Art Archive.

2007 Folders: 10 Tahun Dokumentasi Yayasan Seni Cemeti [Folders: 10 Years of Documentation Work by Cemeti Art Foundation], Yogyakarta: Indonesian Visual Art Archive.

2006 “Moelyono and the endurance of art for the society” in Afterall, A Journal of Art, Context and Enquiry Issue 13: 3-7

2003 Lokalitas dan Globalisasi [Locality and globalization] in TEMPO Magazine, 28 December.

Commons making

2019 Commons People: Managing Music and Culture in Contemporary Yogyakarta. Dissertation in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University.

2018 “Limits of Sharing and Materialization of Support: Indonesian Net Label Union” in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Journal Vol 19, No 1, pp.87-102

2016 Biografi Akses: Burn Your Idol—Narasi tentang keterbatasan dan jalan untuk memecahkannya [Biography of Access: Burn Your Idol—Narration of limitation and different ways of dealing with it]. In Leilani Hermiasih (Ed.), Ensemble: Mozaik Musik dalam Masyarakat [Ensemble: The Mosaic of Music in Society] (pp.133-153). Yogyakarta: LARAS – Studies of Music in Society in collaboration with Tan Kinira.

2016 “Arisan Revisited: Notes on Precariousness” in Unusual Business, Issue 2: 36- 39.

2015 “Wok the Rock & Co.: Making Sense of Friendship in Yogyakarta’s Art Scene” in Discipline: A Contemporary Art Journal, Issue 3

Media culture, alternative cultural production, illegality

2019 “Pengetahuan Liar: Praktik, Konsep dan Nilai Guna” (Wild Knowledge: Practices, Concepts, and Useful Values), Journal Bakudapan Vol 2, Yang Liar Memberi Harapan

2019 “Sekolah Salah Didik dalam pusaran Turun ke Bawah” [School of Improper Education at the intersection of going down to the roots], in School of Improper Education: An Experiment. Yogyakarta: Kunci Publication

2018 Buklet Kata Kunci Praktik Teknologi Vernakular di Indonesia (Glossary of Vernacular Technology Practices in Indonesia). (co-authored with Fiky Daulay).Yogyakarta: Kunci Cultural Studies Center

2013 “A glossary of illegality” in Mapping South: Journeys in South-South Cultural Relations, Anthony Gardner (ed.). Victoria: The South Project Inc.

2011 “A chronicle of video activism and online distribution in post-New Order Indonesia” (co-authored with Ferdiansyah Thajib, Andrew Lowenthal, and Alexandra Crosby) in Geert Lovink and Rachel Sommer Miles (ed.), Video Vortex Reader II: Moving Images Beyond YouTube, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Culture.

2011 “Remembering Soewardi, Thinking about Ki Hajar Dewantara” in Wendelien van Oldenborgh: A well respected man or book of echoes, Binna Choi and Wendelien van Oldenborgh (eds.). Utrecht, Berlin, and New York: Sternberg Press

2010 Videochronic: Video activism and video distribution in Indonesia. (co-authored with Ferdiansyah Thajib).Yogyakarta: Kunci Cultural Studies Center and Engage Media 

2010 “Some explanation about the birth of an autodidactic culture” in Beyond the Dutch: Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the visual arts, from 1900 until now, Meta Knol, Remco Raben, and Kitty Zijlmans (eds.), Amsterdam: KIT Publishers.

2008 Understanding Movie Piracy in Indonesia: Knowledge and Practices of Piracy. Master thesis in Contemporary Asian Studies, University of Amsterdam. 

2006 “Whatever I Want: Media and Youth in Indonesia before and after 1998” in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Journal Vol 7 (1): 139-143

2004 Budaya Televisi, Meteor Garden, dan Remaja Perempuan [Television Culture, Meteor Garden and The Teenage Girl] in Jurnal Perempuan, Issue 37

Music/Sound studies

2019 “Imperfect authenticity: Indonesian popular music discourse and sound, 1960s-1990s,” a report written as part of Inter-Malay Popular Music Archiving Project, funded by Asia Culture Center, Gwangju.

2016 “Being young and authentic: A study of HAI Magazine in the 1970s and 1980s Indonesia”, a report written as part of Pop Music Culture in Southeast Asia 1960-1980 funded by Asia Cultural Center, Gwangju.