Content Providing: Nuraini and Andy have a broad range of research and writing skills, capable of covering and engaging with any subject. Their stories are concise and have strong narratives and are based on solid research, reading and curious engagements with their subjects. A good story is one that reaches the interests of its target audience and provides them with new insights and information.

Editing & Copyediting: Andy has been an editor at Inside Indonesia since 2013. He has worked as a copyeditor in both Australia and The Netherlands -where he worked at Magazine on the Spot in Leiden. He has edited volumes on Islamic thought as well as dozens of thesis written by PhD students in the humanities and social sciences.

Translating: Nuraini and Andy both have ten years plus experience of working and collaborating with artists, writers and researchers in Indonesia and elsewhere. Both Nuraini and Andy are available for translation services from Indonesian to English and English to Indonesian.  Our areas of specialisation are academic and theoretical writings, literature and non-fiction. Andy has collaborated with the Lontar Foundation in Jakarta and is one of the editors of the Lontar Anthology of Indonesian Short Stories. Andy has also translated the works of celebrated Indonesian authors, Afrizal Malna and Budi Darma.

Our fees for these services are competitive and negotiable. Our services are tailored to meet the demands and interests of our clients.

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