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If we are producing material, we should be familiar with what others are producing and how they are doing it.

We subscribe to:


Griffith Review



& The Lifted Brow


In his book, Humanist Geography (2012), Yi-Fu Tuan talks about the difference between ‘community’ and ‘association’. He writes, “Communities have closed or restricted memberships: to belong one has to be born into one, have ancestors who were born into one, or have the same skin colour. Associations, by contrast, have open memberships. All who are dedicated to stem-cell research and have the necessary skills are welcome. And the same goes for other interests and passions.” (p.66)


We are members of:

Small Press Network: a representative body for small and independent publishers in Australia.

Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Inc.: promotes and shares knowledge of best practice for writers and translators.

Victorian National Parks Association: nothing to do with literature or publishing. But, we like walking, hiking and drawing flowers and trees. An advocacy group for protecting Victoria’s natural environment.

Richmond Harriers: an old-school running club based at Citizens Park, Richmond. Some 100+years old. Simple facilities; hard running. Coached by Neil, enforced and led by Joji Mori.

Zoos Victoria: a comfortable prison for animals. The animals are well-fed and protected for us to watch as they perform their animality. Methinks zoos might be cases par excellence of what Yi-Fu Tuan speaks of in his book Dominance and Affection.

Museums Victoria: currently under-utilised. Well-utilised during the school-holidays.

Athletics Victoria: a society for strict and serious runners.


Jells Park

Summerish Play