Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabrizkie

Ziggy - Semua Ikan di Langit - Cover
Semua Ikan di Langit (Grasindo, 2017) Cover for All the Fish in the Sky, forthcoming

After failing to become a bus conductor, Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabrizkie spent her teenage years under the table as a cat. Ziggy doesn’t like cats.

After publishing Di Tanah Lada (In The Land of Pepper, Jakarta: GPU, 2015) and Jakarta Sebelum Pagi (Jakarta Before Dawn, Jakarta: Grasindo, 2016), Ziggy lived with a cockroach and 113 lizards in her room. Ziggy doesn’t like the cockroach and the 113 lizards.

All the Fish in the Sky (trans. Andy Fuller) will be published in 2020 by Reading Sideways Press.

This translation is supported by the Komite Buku Nasional and their LitRI Translation Funding Program. The Komite Buku Nasional is a division of the Indonesian Ministry for Education and Culture.


In the past, the days just passed in the usual way: working, going home, resting, working, going home, resting. I didn’t miss a single day. From early in the morning until the end of the working day, I would just spend my day working and then go home and get ready for the same thing the next day.

But that was okay. I didn’t get bored. Work for me was travelling throughout the city. You might call me arrogant, but I much prefer the city streets which are nice and smooth compared to those out in the countryside which are narrow and full of holes. I would meet all sorts of people. The ones I liked the most were Chiro from in front of the University and Umi Yuyun from the market. Farting in the middle of the street was the most enjoyable thing about my daily life. When I got home, I’d chat with my house mates, have a shower and take get some rest. Which meant doing nothing.